All Samsung Galaxy Phones

All Samsung Galaxy PhonesAll Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung is one of the biggest brands in the world that comes from South Korea. Starting from 1938 this company stands, until finally now become the creator of the most famous android brand in the world. Some time ago, Samsung released Samsung Galaxy, one of the reliable products by this company and also greeted with friendly by the market. List of Samsung Galaxy phones devices include Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy C, Galaxy Core, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy E, Galaxy J, and Galaxy Note. All Samsung Galaxy phones have its own function and market target respectively.

Samsung Galaxy S

It began to be announced in March 2010 and released for sale in June of the same year. Samsung managed to sell up to 25 million units of these products within a period of 3 years or until 2013. Now, Samsung Galaxy S has just launched its newest product, Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, Samsung has launched 22 models of Galaxy S, usually every model that is launched will have the same model but more pro or plus with new improvements or enhancements in its features.

Samsung Galaxy A

This series is a Smartphone whose target market is the upper middle class. Samsung Galaxy A started its history on the first time released in August 2014. This series is similar to Galaxy S but with features and specifications underneath. So far Samsung has launched 14 models of Galaxy A. This type is also in demand by the community.

Samsung Galaxy C

Samsung Galaxy C is also marketed to the middle class society. But even so, this product remains reliable and dare to compete with Smartphones today. Galaxy C is just starting to be released in 2016 and currently has 5 different models. First launched, this Smartphone comes out with a super AMOLED screen, multi touch. Review the price of Samsung Galaxy C series, which mentioned there are only two phones only Galaxy C5 which has a fairly standard specifications and Galaxy C7 is given higher specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Core

Samsung Galaxy Core was first launched in the year 2013 and now has 4 different models. The latest design of this model still does not remove the previous design that is somewhat rounded. Galaxy Core is a Galaxy type that is designed with dual SIM. This type has an affordable price and not too high, can meet your needs of the middle class society.

Samsung Galaxy Grand

Samsung Galaxy Grand was first released in 2013. Now the Galaxy Grand models have 5 different models. The advantages of this model is the price is very affordable and has a pretty good feature. In addition, this type of average also has a medium size, not too big and not too small. Therefore, this Smartphone is easy to store and comfortable grip.

Samsung Galaxy E

Samsung Galaxy E was first released in 2015 and until now there has been no new type of this model. There are only two Galaxy E models, there are Samsung Galaxy E5 and Samsung Galaxy E7.

Samsung Galaxy J

Galaxy J is a model for the middle class with good features. In 2013, Galaxy J began to be released and only marketed in Japan and Taiwan. Due to good market response, then starting in 2015 Galaxy J marketing spread all over the world. Now there have been 16 different models of Galaxy J.

All Samsung Galaxy phones above are Smartphone released by Samsung. After release so many models, stunning features, and prices that match the target market of each product, Samsung can be the number one in the world as the largest gadget company.